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Web Designer & WordPress Developer

I help companies solve business problems through strategic websites, copywriting and seo

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Since embarking on my freelance journey five years ago, I have collaborated with agencies and startups to create websites across different industries. I’m known for my friendly approach, attention to detail, and taking ownership of projects. I also have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, which complements my ” marketing first ” approach. Currently, I am living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


UX research is the first step in my process, laying a solid foundation for informed decision-making throughout the project.


My team and I ensure user-centered design solutions that effectively resonate with the target audience.


I offer custom, scalable and SEO optimized WordPress development that fulfills each project’s unique requirements.

My Recent Projects

Here are a few websites I’ve worked on recently. Interested to see more? Email me.

EMP Trust HR

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Jonas Strambach

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First Fund

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Direct Wholesale kitchens

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